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Dr. Ludie L. Hoffman at a Glance 

Dr. Ludie L. Hoffman, known by some as  Dr. L. LeMont Hoffman, is a graduate of Tuskegee Institute High School.  As a high school student Mr. Hoffman was the sole winner of the Coca Cola Share the dream essay contest which led to a scholarship to Alabama State University. Dr. Hoffman eventually broadened a path toward a Masters of Business Administration degree to pursue a dedicated ministry and teaching vision, which has developed into an intense desire to build a School of Arts and Entertainment training which includes Ministry Arts and Life Encrichment modules. He now holds his earned  Doctorate credentials. He has served in many areas, over the last twenty  plus years, that have prepared him for his current position as Chief Consultant for Advanced Multimedia Consultants which is a type of brain trust for various business enterprises.


His Areas of Service Include, But are Not Limited To:

  • 15 years in mainline broadcast radio (announcer, program director and station manager)
  • 20+ years Marketing and Promotions
  • 12 years as Founder and Pastor of a Christian congregation
  • Teacher, Conference Host
  • Former Dean of Interfaith University
  • Founder of Interfaith University (school for spiritual enrichment and ministry preparation)
  • Co Founder Interfaith Academy (an academic enrichment and college preparation program)
  • Author of several books (including: How to get Answers Everytime You Pray and other resources for Interfaith University)
  • Founder of LMA an awards association honoring Indie and New and Upcoming Recording Artists
  • Owner of WVIU Web Broadcating
  • Multimedia Consulting (including but not limited to the building and overseeing of scores of web sites and the monetization of those sites)
  • Executive Producer of recorded media (including the latest CD by his daughter)

A micro job is, as the word implies, a very small paid task. A better word for microjobs might actually be "gigs" because the word "jobs" might imply employment, and no micro jobs are for employees but only for independent contractors.

What Are Micro Jobs?

The basic concept of a micro job-- which is defined as receiving a small fee for a small task--runs across many possible types of micro jobs. These might include:
Online tasks - These small tasks, or microtasks, can be done entirely online, requiring no real-world interaction. Buyers of these services advertise on microjob websites to find someone willing to do the task. 
Real-world tasks - Similar to online tasks in that buyers of service advertise online for workers, the task is not completed online but in person. Websites promoting these types of micro jobs are basically a marketplace for odd jobs. Taskrabbit is one of the more popular real-work task site. However, Taskrabbit and others like it usually offer online tasks as well.

Doc Hoffman has expanded his usual "Life Class" format to include an in-depth focus on this new phenomenon.
We have to face the truth that the way we do work is changing and any one who is in denial is probably going to be hungry in the days to come. In President Obama's State of the Union address, he stressed that the economy is recovering but the old way of working is dying. The types of jobs are more intellectual and technologically driven. If we miss this, we miss meals. Doc Hoffman also instructs on How To Avoid getting Scammed by those unscrupulous con-artists that prey on the unlearned and unsuspecting.
Below are some courses published by Doc Hoffman that will begin to steer you towards this new perspective on WORK.

  1. Benefits of Work at Home
    Benefits of Work at Home
  1. Work From Home Time Management
    Work From Home Time Management